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Polycrystalline WT50-36P

Quality and Safety

Rigorousquality control meeting the highest international


High-transmissivitylow-iron tempered glass, strong

aluminiumframe Using UV-resistant silicon

ISO9001:2008 ISO14001:2004 and OHSAS18001

IEC61215,IEC61730,SafetyClass II,conformity to CE


12 years limited product warranty

15 years at 90% of the minimal rated power output

25 years at 80% of the minimal rated power output


Model TypeWT50-36P
Peak Power(Pmax)50.00
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp)18.50
Maximum Power Current(Imp)2.70
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc)22.14
Short Circuit Current(Isc)2.89
Cells Efficiency()16.22
Module Efficiency()12.02
Maximum System Voltage(V)1000
Maximum Series Fuse Rating(A)10
Power Tolerance0+3
Pmax Temperature Coefficients(W/) -0.470
Voc Temperature Coefficients(V/) -0.380
Isc Temperature Coefficients(A/) +0.040
NOCT Nominal Operating Cell Temperature()47±2
Operating and Storage Temperature()   -40+85
Standard Test Condition(STC)1.000W/;AM 1.5;25+/-2

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