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Our Advantages

Lower manufacturing costs to deliver competitive product price to customer

Reduce additional costs, such as those associated with packaging and transportation

Reduce breakage loss that occurs during shipment between various productions locations associated with toll manufacturing

Reduce reliance on 3rd party suppliers, thus reducing quality and supply risks

Shorten production cycle and improve value chain coordination

Reduce reliance on toll manufacturing and capture upstream or downstream profit margins

Streamline manufacturing processes and improve product quality



Wotech Solar has a team with employees over a dozen nations with significant management and PV industry experience, who contribute each day to the success of the company.



For the assembly of modules, our research and development team works closely with our manufacturing team and customers to improve our solar module and system designs, including integrating construction elements with our modules for use in system integration projects that require our modules to be built for certain applications, such as roof tiles and glass panels. We hope to increase the power output of our solar modules as well as to reduce the number of solar cells within a module.



    Our quality control was set up according to the quality system requirements of ISO 9001:2000. Our quality control consists of three components: incoming inspections through which we ensure the quality of the raw materials that we source from third parties, in-process quality control of our manufacturing processes, and output quality control of finished products through inspection and by conducting reliability and other tests.

    We have received international certifications for our quality assurance programs, including ISO 9001:2000, which we believe demonstrates our technological capabilities as well as instill customer confidence.

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